Justice to Duane Morris Fax Communications

eFax Corporate Does Justice to Duane Morris’ Fax Communications

The Business

The evolving from a partnership of prominent lawyers in Philadelphia a century ago, Duane Morris now has offices in many major markets and continues to expand across the country and overseas through non-merger growth. Trade publications have placed Duane Morris in the upper echelon of law firms in terms of utilizing secure fax technology. Hundreds of lawyers working around the globe quickly communicate and collaborate using the firm’s integrated computer network, accessing sophisticated research software, information-rich databases, and other knowledge-sharing tools.

The Challenge

The reality of documents requiring signatures or handwritten notes means that faxing is still an essential part of business for Duane Morris. Their existing fax servers had become antiquated and the projected costs for hardware and software upgrades were costly. They needed a cost-effective, scalable fax solution that not only increased efficiencies, but also integrated seamlessly into their existing systems.

The Solution

Duane Morris launched a pilot program using eFax Corporate in their Baltimore office with great success. Encouraged by the results, they implemented the service into several more offices over the next ten months. Private fax numbers were assigned to attorneys and other key personnel, which enabled them to receive faxes as email attachments that could be forwarded, printed and stored. The service was well-received by the staff, who found it easy to learn and use. Since implementation of the service, Duane Morris has experienced measurable success. eFax Corporate provides a much greater degree of network redundancy and has delivered a higher up-time rate than their former fax servers. Duane Morris no longer has to manage multiple points of failure, and the attorneys appreciate that faxes are delivered immediately and directly to their email. Providing individual attorneys their own eFax number means that their attorneys can manage their faxes from the office, home or even on the road, which is of extreme value after hours and on weekends. Thanks to eFax Corporate, fax communications between offices are much more efficient, and they can permanently say goodbye to the management and costs of expensive fax servers

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