Multi-Million Dollar Publisher Saves Thousands

eFax Corporate Helps a Multi-Million Dollar Publisher Save Thousands

Multi-Million Dollar Publisher Saves Thousands by Cutting Private Fax Phone Lines…Helps Sales Close Deals Faster … and Improve Customer Service For more than 150 years, our client has been one of the country’s premier publishers. With a legacy of quality and commitment to its customers that is unsurpassed, they provide educational materials, trade and reference books and assessments.

As an innovative leader in the marketplace, the publisher strives to promote new ideas while fostering competitive growth via a 1,000+ strong sales force that is vital to the company’s success. Most of the sales staff works remotely from home and each member is armed with all the technology necessary to perform their job. With 20+ million fax transmissions occurring worldwide daily, it’s no wonder that one required device is the fax machine.

After conducting a comprehensive study on how they could make their sales organization more productive and close deals faster, it was determined that if the company were to replace traditional fax machines with a digital faxing solution, a number of benefits would be immediately realized.

First, cost savings. At the current count, it was estimated that with fax lines in the homes of each sales person costing the company $30-$40 per month coupled with the expense of individual fax machines, maintenance and supplies for each remote employee, traditional faxing was costing the company nearly half a million dollars annually.

Second, expedited order processing. Corporate managers frequently heard of frustrations regarding the lag time between closing and processing deals. At an appointment, on the road…many Sales Professionals were unaware of orders coming through and thus sitting idol on their fax machine collecting dust. Combine that with human error and this meant many documents not being processed in a timely manner or in some unfortunate cases, not being processed at all.

As a result, digital faxing with eFax Corporate was brought in as an outsourced solution to traditional fax machines and servers so now all sales executives may receive faxes via Wireless PDA and never miss an important fax again.

Imagine yourself waiting for “the deal of a life-time” while riding on the A train going through Manhattan when a technical mal-function renders you and hundreds of other passengers unavailable for many stressful hours. With eFax Corporate, rather than remaining unaware that the paperwork you’ve been so anxious to receive had indeed come through on your personal fax machine, you’d be able to retrieve the fax order on your mobile and forward it to headquarters rather than missing it. Never miss a deal again, with eFax Corporate.

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