eFax Developer Fax API Datasheet


The Fax API that Powers High-Volume Faxing

Custom-built for high-volume faxing, the eFax Developer™ API gives businesses a secure, flexible cloud fax solution without the IT overhead or headaches of managing onsite fax hardware.


Optimize your corporate fax process with a robust, yet flexible application faxing platform.

Traditional faxing is inefficient and cumbersome in terms of employee productivity, paper, fax infrastructure, business process and IT overhead. This is fur ther amplified when integrating with your business’ mission- critical CRM or ERP systems — which often require high-volume faxing with detailed audit trails and real-time delivery confirmation. Many IT departments want a customizable solution that can deliver on these requirements — without the burden of an on-site fax infrastructure.

eFax Developer is tailor-made for these businesses — an XML- based Fax API designed specifically for high-volume faxing demands.


Easy fax integration into your critical business applications via any language

eFax Developer is like having your own production-class fax server — without the hassle, equipment, or expense.

Easy Implementation and Administration

Our off-the-shelf Java and .NET/COM Object SDKs greatly simplify the development and implementation effor t required to get you up and running with application faxing. The intuitive administration site lets your staff easily manage accounts, view detailed audit reports and query metadata about fax delivery status.

Optimized Workflow

The XML wrapper for your inbound documents has many optional values you can use to optimize fax workflows, the most common of which is barcode reading. For example, eFax Developer supports most barcode symbologies, including Code 39 and DataMatrix..

Enhanced Compliance

eFax Developer, part of Consensus®, Inc. takes advantage of an enterprise grade, worldwide, redundant faxing and transport infrastructure. j2 is well experienced and equipped to help businesses in highly regulated industries — such as healthcare, finance, legal, and manufacturing — meet compliance requirements for security, privacy, and audit capability set by regulators. The Developer platform can be enabled to enforce enhanced TLS 1.2 encryption, which will help your organization stay on the right side of federal regulations such as HIPAA and GLBA.

Flexible API Integration for ERP and CRM Systems

Our flexible XML Faxing Software Developer’s Kit (SDK) also enables easy integration with any enterprise ERP or CRM system — such as Salesforce, Sage, and Netsuite — or with Electronic Medical Record systems — such as NextGen, MediTouch, and Cerna — for efficient management of electronic faxing.

Reliable and Secure Fax Network

The eFax Corporate global network is protected by patented firewall, redundancy, and security technologies, with 99.5% uptime, rapid delivery, and unparalleled transmission security. Consensus monitors its entire network 24/7/365. Each employee receives a dedicated fax number, linked to their email, for added security.

How eFax Developer™ works

In order to integrate with eFax Developer, your organization need only connect to an external URL. Our off- the-shelf Java and .NET SDKs make it easy. For organizations looking to take advantage of other code bases, you can leverage our Universal Users’ Guide to implement with vir tually any code base. Each SDK includes sample code and libraries — making it easy for any developer to integrate.

Sending faxes with eFax Developer

Your outbound fax is posted to eFax Developer as a Base64-encoded file within the XML wrapper containing the recipient information. The document is faxed to your customer. Status info is immediately posted or emailed to you, and transmission metadata is added to your usage logs and available online.

Recieving faxes with eFax Developer

Your fax arrives on a number issued by eFax Developer, where it is converted to a PDF or TIFF. The fax is posted to your “catcher” application as a Base64-encoded file in the XML wrapper, with transmission and barcode metadata. (Our SDK helps take care of this for you.) Transmission metadata is added to your usage logs and available online. Fax image files are also temporarily available online as a backup and can be viewed or reposted.

eFax® Developer Features and Benefits



  • File transmission through a secure HTTPS POST protocol
  • Real-time fax send and receive notifications
  • Admin feature to manage and monitor all fax traffic and reports
  • Unparalleled security with TLS 1.2 Encryption and highly secure, geographically redundant Tier III and Tier IV Colocations


  • Eliminate fax infrastructure and IT overhead that goes with it
  • Easily integrate with off-the-shelf Java and .NET/COM Object SDKs
  • Enhance compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, and related regulations

Supported by eFax Corporate, the World’s #1 Cloud Fax Service

eFax Developer, part of the Consensus portfolio of products, supports the secure transmission of millions of faxes every day for businesses in the most heavily regulated industries, such as healthcare, finance, and legal. The robust eFax Corporate network is the result of millions of dollars of continued investment in infrastructure around the world, allowing eFax Developer to deliver:

Secure Data Centers

Tier III and Tier IV centers with SSAE16 or SOC2 to protect your faxes 24/7/365.


Secure Transmissions

Strongest TLS 1.2 encryption for HIPAA and GLBA.


Easy Implementation

Easy to code, test and deploy.


Flexible Integration

Support for Salesforce and other ERP and CRM Systems.

Cut Costs, Save Time & Increase Productivity with eFax Corporate

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