eFax Secure Datasheet

Highly Encrypted Online Faxing for Enterprises —
and the Top Choice of Heavily Regulated Businesses

When the confidentiality and security of your data is a must, trust the cloud fax portfolio used by 12 million businesses worldwide, including nearly half of the Fortune 500.

eFax Secure™, available as a complement to our enterprise-level eFax Corporate® solution for business-critical faxing, is the ideal solution to protect your sensitive and confidential faxes. eFax Secure offers an email-driven and convenient process for receiving faxes securely over the web. We also help keep your business in compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, SOX and other federal regulations.

SOX HIPAA GLBA Secure Faxing

eFax: The world’s most experienced provider of secure online fax solutions. Securely faxing hundreds of billions of fax pages since 2000.


Highest Encryption Levels
256-bit AES and TLS encryption protect your inbound faxes immediately


Tier-3 Secure Servers
Keep your faxes highly secure 24/7/365 in our network


Is opened and a PIN required when you access your fax online

How eFax Secure Works

When you receive a fax through your secure fax account, the service automatically and immediately encrypts the fax — using 256-bit encryption — and stores it securely in your account online while notifying you (via email) that the fax is available.

Included in this email notification is a URL. When you click on the link, a Transport Security Layer (TLS) connection is made and you will be prompted for your eFax Secure credentials (login ID and PIN) to view the fax. eFax Corporate has upgraded from the vulnerable SSL encryption to the new and even more secure encryption protocol TLS.

No sensitive information is ever directly transmitted, as the fax remains on our server – you view it from there. Additionally, the fax can remain encrypted and securely stored as long as you need it, reducing strain on your local email servers and storage devices1.



Automatic 256-bit encryption of inbounb faxes


Tier-3 secure servers in multiple data centers (for failover and redundancy)


IPAA, SOX, GLB, PCI-DSS compliance enablement


Email URL to password- protected download page


TLS-encrypted login link to access encrypted, stored faxes


Access to hosted faxes controlled by password


Storage and Audit trail of your faxes, secured with AES 256-bit encryption on the cloud


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