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PopHealth Week: Jeffrey Sullivan, Chief Technology Officer Cloud Fax, Consensus, Inc.

Hosts Fred Goldstein and Gregg Masters, MPH welcome special guest Jeffrey Sullivan, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Fax, Consensus, Inc. Jeffrey is responsible for all technology and product development for the unit. He has over 25 years of experience growing small- to mid-sized companies that fuel their success with the innovative use of technology.

IT Manager's Survival Guide - Moving to the Cloud

Data security and what to demand from a cloud vendor – What we will discuss: Misconceptions About Cloud Vendors and Data Security, SSL vs. TLS, and Man-in-the-Middle Attacks & 9 Key Security Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cloud Vendor

Integrating Multifunction Printers with Cloud Fax: Part 1

Listend to our latest podcast, “Integrating your MFPs with cloud faxing – Part 1.” You will learn how businesses are eliminating their physical fax infrastructure, common misconceptions about fax and MFPs, and how an integration between your MFP and eFax Corporate can help streamline workflows in your organization.

Integrating Multifunction Printers with Cloud Fax: Part 2

Listen to the in-depth discussion on how Multifunction printers integrate with cloud faxing, integration use cases from various industries, and key workflow and security considerations in making a determination to integrate.

Cyber Hacking in the Healthcare - The Best Practices for Securing ePHI

Last year alone, over 10 million people in the US were impacted by healthcare industry data breaches. Information housed by covered entities provides fertile ground for hackers because it contains names, birthdates – and most importantly – Social Security numbers, which are key pieces of data used by hackers to open new credit lines, create fake medical records, or apply for loans. It’s clear that covered entities are a target of these cyber criminals.

HIPAA IT Pitfalls to Avoid

On the heels of an expected increase in OCR audits starting in January 2015, we still have more questions than answers as it relates to the Conduit Exception, Business Associate Agreements (BAA’s) and encryption requirements. Learn more about HIPAA Compliance below.

Upgrading to Cloud Fax

There is always a difficult tipping point when it comes to technology, and when you have to forget about the large investment you made several years ago in a device or software application and face the harsh reality that it has outlived its usefulness. Learn more about upgrading to a cloud fax solution below.

Cloud Considerations for SAP NetWeaver Integration and Faxing

SAP Integrations: How are third party applications doing it today? 10 tips to enhance the security of your SAP implementation, key questions to ask any third-party cloud vendor and how the eFax Corporate® SAP Connector 2.0 enables secure faxing.

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