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Highly encrypted secure online faxing trusted by millions of businesses globally— including those whose secure document transmissions are federally regulated & compliance is a must.

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eFax Corporate Security

Keep Your Business Faxing Secure and Compliant

eFax Corporate’s secure fax service uses the most advanced security and encryption protocols to protect your business faxes both in transmission and at rest in storage. Our secure fax solution can help your business maintain compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, PCI-DSS, PIPEDA, and other regulations — which is one reason that corporations in healthcare, financial services, and other heavily regulated industries trust eFax Secure™ to protect their most sensitive document transmissions.

Our Secure Fax Service Provides:


AES 256-bit encryption for digital faxes stored in your inbox1


Online faxing processes in compliance with HIPAA and other federal regulations


We sign Business Associate Agreements (BAA)


TLS 1.2 encryption for transmission of digital faxes


Email notification to password-protected secure fax download portal.


The strongest security protocols recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and the Payments Card Industry

1. Your secure faxes are stored on the cloud as long as you’re an eFax Corporate® customer and you do not cancel or reassign your direct fax numbers.

Protect Your Business with Secure Faxing

Proven Trusted Method of Secure Online Faxing

Our 21-year record of protecting the most sensitive communications is why businesses in the most highly regulated industries — including large healthcare providers, financial and legal firms — depend on our secure fax services for their document transmissions.

TLS Encrypted Faxing

eFax Secure can send your faxes online by email with highly advanced TLS 1.2 encryption, the SSL replacement. This ensures your fax documents are protected in transit from their point of origin on your company’s network to your recipient’s fax. When a fax is sent to one of your employees, eFax Secure will send that employee an email with a URL to a secure website. The employee then simply clicks the URL (opening a TLS connection) and enters their eFax Corporate® account information to view the secure fax. it’s safe, as easy to use as email, and can be deployed in minutes.

Secure Fax Datasheet

Give Your Business Faxes Even More Protection — with Secure User ID

With Secure User ID functionality from eFax Corporate®, every individual at your company can send and receive faxes by email with an added layer of security. That’s because your Secure User ID is linked directly to a private login portal where the data is stored using the most sophisticated security and encryption protocols available. We provide as many Secure User IDs as you need, and they can all be managed easily with a single Administrator account.

Your Secure User ID’s Advanced Security Benefits:

  • Complete audit trails and advanced TLS secure transmission
  • Compliance with HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, PCI-DSS, PIPEDA, and other regulations
  • Federal government approved security protocols for connections to the cloud
  • Encryption of information at rest and in transit
  • The ability to send and receive fax transmissions using any web-enabled device

eFax Secure: The World Leader in Secure Faxing for Business

Compliant Secure Fax

Business faxes sent through eFax Secure’s cloud fax service are protected in many ways — from advanced encryption both during transmission and in storage, to password controls, to Tier-III-rated secure data centers with multiple levels of digital and physical protection securing your faxes stored on our cloud 24/7. This is why businesses that need their fax protocols to meet government regulatory standards choose eFax Secure.


Proven & Trusted

eFax Corporate is the cloud-based secure fax service of choice for nearly half of Fortune 500 corporations and more than 11 million business customers globally. For more than two decades, we have been pioneering secure, reliable, and cost-effective fax-by-email solutions that more businesses today trust with their most sensitive fax transmissions than any other cloud fax provider.


Reliable & Dependable

Because we’ve invested heavily in building an unparalleled worldwide cloud-fax infrastructure, eFax Corporate offers our customers unparalleled reliability. Our dozens of telco-grade data centers are in geographically distinct regions, meaning if one center experiences a problem, your fax service shifts immediately to another — allowing us to offer better-than-99% uptime. When you serve the daily faxing needs of the biggest corporations in the world, as we do, you have to be reliable.


Secure Faxing FAQs:

The short answer to this question is, it depends. The more complete answer is that sending a fax, like using any other means of technology for document transmission, is neither inherently secure or unsecure. It all depends on how it’s done.

Using a standard desktop fax machine to send a paper fax is not as secure as your company needs that transmission to be — for both the security of the data itself and for your compliance with any data-privacy regulations governing your industry. This is partly because such faxes are transmitted over the public telephone network, and partly because a paper fax left sitting on an office fax machine can be viewed by unauthorized personnel.

The right cloud-based digital fax service, on the other hand, can be highly secure. Such services use the strongest-available encryption for fax documents both while they’re actually in-transit (TLS 1.2 encryption) and after they’ve been sent and are sitting in cloud storage (AES 256-bit encryption) for record-keeping and regulatory purposes.

Indeed, the right cloud fax services employ many additional layers of security to protect fax documents in transmission and at rest — such as passwords to limit who can access the fax online, and secure data centers to protect archived fax files 24/7.

Simply put, email was not designed with any privacy or security in mind. In fact, there are essentially four points at which an email is vulnerable to compromise — the email sender’s device, the mail servers where it is stored, the network it travels across, and the email recipient’s device.

You can password-protect your employees’ email accounts, but that works only if they regularly log out. A desktop machine open and logged in to an employee’s email client, or a mobile device without password protection, can leave email vulnerable to breach.

Even if you solve for those exposure points, though, the message still has to traverse a network to reach its recipient — and security and encryption here are vital. Moreover, email is briefly stored on several servers along its journey — many of which do not use security protocols to protect the data.

Many email programs also still use the outdated Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to secure the data over the Internet. And as the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) explains, the US government’s position is that even the most updated version of Secure Socket Layer — the now nearly two-decade-old SSL 3.0 — is vulnerable to attack from hackers.

A federal government-caliber digital fax service, by contrast, provides protection for organizations of all sizes against these inherent weak points in email.

For example, the right digital fax service keeps all inbound and outbound faxes protected on a secure, password-protected website. In other words, when an employee in your company receives a digital fax by email, the email itself contains only a message that there is a fax waiting, along with a secure URL in the message. When the employee clicks that link, she is required to enter her digital fax PIN to access the fax.

Also, whereas many email programs still use the outdated and vulnerable SSL for email security, the best-in-class digital fax services use the most advanced version of the Transport Layer Security protocol, TLS 1.2.

Of course, many digital fax services do not employ TLS encryption — so this should be a key factor in selecting the right digital fax provider.

To ensure secure faxing of classified or sensitive documents, you should upgrade your organization’s fax infrastructure from a legacy system of fax machines or fax servers and phone lines to an enterprise-caliber cloud-fax solution.

When you deploy a secure cloud-fax service, you enhance both the convenience and the security levels of your business faxing at the same time. Cloud faxing means your staff can send and receive fax documents by email — using the most advanced encryption protocols to secure the fax while it’s in transit, and then leveraging the most sophisticated security systems to keep those faxes secure at rest, for as long as you want.

Your Partner in Regulatory Compliance

eFax Secure also keeps your business fax processes in compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, PCI, PIPEDA, and other regulations — ensuring your sensitive business faxes meet these rules regarding secure fax standards for confidential transmission, storage and accessing of your client and other proprietary data.

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