The digital landscape is one that continues to change right before our eyes. Many will remember the days of sending letters through the postage system and wondering when your mail would arrive – maybe even crossing your fingers it would arrive in good condition. As time passed, we saw the rise of email technology and the ease in which one could send updates, information, and data to anyone, anywhere in the world. Plenty of people expected to see fax fade into the background with this quick, convenient mode of communication emerging to the forefront. But that wasn’t quite the case as we saw a rise in fax usage, as it still proved to be a safe, reliable way to communicate sensitive data.

Can you imagine what it would be like today if we had to place our trust in unreliable, outdated forms of communication to transfer pertinent information or sensitive data? Thanks to the advances that were made along the way for digital technology, we don’t have to wonder. We have eFax Corporate: a truly reliable way to send faxes in an ecosystem that thrives on constant, dependable communication. 

Benefits of a Reliable Cloud Fax Service

According to a recent EarthWeb article, approximately 333.2 billion emails are sent per day. Despite the large number of emails going out daily, most would be surprised to know that fax is still regarded as a more secure form of communication over email – more specifically, cloud fax. Why is that?

Well, for starters, cloud fax provides users with multiple modes of sending faxes, from desktop computers to multifunction printers, secure web portals, mobile apps on tablets and smartphones. A company operating with a traditional legacy fax infrastructure will not be afforded the same luxuries. Not only will a company be limited on the ability to send faxes from a variety of locations, but they’re also more likely to run into issues with their in-house fax servers and hardware. If your fax machine were to jam, break, or crash, your staff will be stuck between a rock and a hard place until maintenance or an IT crew can officially bring you
back online.

Another benefit cloud fax provides companies with is the ability to track documents, sending alerts when files have been received successfully or if a transfer has failed. Cloud fax has also proven to be more difficult to intercept, therefore reducing the potential exposure of private documents and sensitive data. Faxes are routed through direct connections whenever possible, strengthening transmission reliability and limiting a fax’s exposure to the public Internet. 

Again, these documents being transferred by companies both big and small often contain highly sensitive and personal information – whether coming from an internal or external source – and need to meet regulatory and compliance guidelines for various industries. That is why it’s important your fax service has multiple layers of protection, which eFax Corporate provides. 

With features like eFax Secure, our digital cloud fax solution allows your business to send faxes online by email with highly advanced TLS 1.2 encryption, the SSL replacement. This ensures your fax documents are protected in transit from their point of origin on your company’s network to your recipient’s fax, leaving you with one less thing to worry about during your workday. Our secure fax solution helps maintain compliance with HIPAA, GLBA, SOX, PCI-DSS, PIPEDA and other industry regulations. 

eFax Corporate is not only reliable in transferring and storing your information securely, but it’s also reliable whenever or wherever you need it most. 

Regional Reliability

Simply put. Our worldwide cloud-fax infrastructure offered is unparalleled! eFax Corporate continues to invest heavily in infrastructure and today supports cloud fax service to thousands of cities across 50 countries worldwide, delivering millions of faxes per day. Our dozens of telco-grade data centers are dedicated “heavy sites,” or collocations located in centers in geographically distinct regions, including four in North America. 

eFax Corporate also has the highest-rated data centers as we only use Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers for collocations. With backup generators ensuring continuous availability, UPS systems, and other additional fail-safe measures in place, we’re making sure the continuity of cloud faxing capabilities and the security of your information remain our top priority. If one data center begins experiencing a problem, your fax service immediately shifts to another carrier to transport faxes. 

A Trustworthy, Proven Solution

The reality is that fax still plays an integral role for multiple industries when it comes to transferring data. Whether you’re handling healthcare insurance, legal contracts, mortgage applications, government tax filings, or auto agreements, fax remains the main source of reliable communication. 

As the gold standard in digital cloud fax technology (DCFT) for more than 20 years, there’s a reason organizations in virtually every industry continue to choose eFax Corporate to handle their documents and data. eFax Corporate is the first major cloud fax provider to achieve HITRUST CSF® certification, reflecting the highest level of commitment to security and compliance in an organization. See what eFax Corporate can do for your company today.

Next up, in part 4 of this blog series, we’ll explore the security standards of eFax Corporate and how we ensure complete security and compliance.

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