Secure HIPAA Faxing with Custom-Built Fax API

Is your business is still investing time and IT resources to maintain a legacy fax infrastructure built on aging fax machines and servers? Still dealing with fax hassles and compliance issues like these:

–  Compliance issues driven by unsecured inbound paper faxes or unencrypted fax servers containing ePHI?
–  Long outbound queues and fax busy signals?
–  Fax servers that are crash-prone and require regular rebooting?
–  Capacity issues, as your daily needs change but your fax servers do not?

For virtually any mid-size to large business today, traditional faxing is inefficient and cumbersome. And in a highly regulated environment such as yours — where HIPAA regulators demand strict adherence to complex rules even for your faxing processes — maintaining a cost-effective, secure and compliant fax infrastructure is even more difficult.

But if your business uses any of the standard Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems as part of your practice management, you can easily eliminate all of these fax-related headaches — and make your staff more productive at the same time. All you need to do is sign up for the cloud fax service from eFax Corporate, and then integrate our eFax Developer™ Faxing API directly into your EHR system.

What is the eFax Corporate Developer Fax API?

Custom-built for high-volume faxing, the eFax Developer Fax API gives businesses a secure, flexible cloud fax solution without the IT overhead or headaches of managing onsite fax hardware. For healthcare organizations, the XML-based API integrates seamlessly into standard EHR systems — for optimized workflow, enhanced compliance, a more reliable and secure fax network, and fewer fax-related hassles. To integrate with eFax Developer, you can simply connect to a URL — our off-the-shelf Java and .NET SDKs make it easy. If you would prefer to take advantage of other code bases, you can leverage our Universal Users’ Guide to implement with virtually any code base.

You can download our eFax Developer Faxing SDK and learn more about the solution here.

The benefits of API faxing from within your EHR system

When you deploy the eFax Corporate API fax platform, which can easily be integrated into most EHR systems, your staff will be able to securely send and receive faxes directly from within these platforms — no fax telco lines, fax machines or onsite fax servers necessary. You can unplug them and start faxing through the cloud — eFax Corporate manages the whole faxing process for your practice.

The benefits of this cloud fax integration will be immediate and significant. For example:

–  Streamline your workflow: eliminate steps and wasted time by sending, receiving and automatically archiving faxes right from your EHR platform.

–  Enhance the security and HIPAA compliance of your faxes — as the eFax Corporate network is protected by patented firewall, redundancy and security technologies, and can enable TLS encryption for your secure ePHI transmissions to covered entities and business associates.

–  Centralize control and management of your company’s faxing through an intuitive administrative portal, where you can easily set up and remove fax numbers, users, assign unique billing codes and generate comprehensive reports on fax usage.

–  Reduce faxing costs by removing fax servers, terminating fax software licenses and removing analog fax lines.

–  Pay only for the cloud fax service you need — and scale your organization up (or down) anytime.

–  Stop paying for onsite fax infrastructure and worrying about the security risks associated with physical fax machines and fax servers.

Improve fax workflow, security and compliance — integrate cloud faxing with your EHR systems

If you are still devoting IT resources and time to the hassle of keeping alive an aging in-house fax environment, it might be time to explore the many benefits of migrating fax to the cloud — and further improving your fax processes by integrating that cloud fax technology right into the EHR applications your employees are already using every day.

Our eFax Developer API, designed to work seamlessly with EHR systems, is just one reason that eFax Corporate is the cloud fax service most trusted by the healthcare industry.

Learn more about the highly secure eFax CorporateSecure Faxing and eFax Developer Fax API cloud fax solutions.