The Mortgage Industry Faces New Regulations and Online Faxing Can Help the Transition.

The Scotsman Guide is one of the leading resources for Mortgage Originators providing insight on the industry, media and content monthly through their website and print publication. 


eFax Corporate® was recently featured on the Scotsman Guide website and will also have an article published in the June issue.

The article highlights the changes in the mortgage industries’ regulations and how internet faxing can help a company boost productivity, efficiency and save in cost by moving to a cloud based fax solution.  By proposing several questions and hypothetical situations that businesses face; the article further explores how specific departments and employees in a company use technologies like faxing and also how a company can decide if moving away from traditional fax services could be beneficial to their business. 

How can a company decide if moving away from their traditional faxing technology is right for them?  What is better an in-house fax server?

Here are a few of the questions business owners can propose to help determine what strategy is the best fit:

1.    Is your fax volume predictable? 

2.    Is your fax volume the same each week? Month?

3.    How much will you be faxing a year from now?

4.    Do you need routing?

5.    Do you know how many faxes are received and lost?
6.    Are your faxes audited? 

7.    Do you have records or a fax trail? Is one needed?

8.    Are your faxes secure?

9.    Are your faxes compliant?

All of these questions should be taken into consideration when making a decision on moving away from your current or traditional fax technology.  Click here to read more on these questions, hosted faxing technology and the Mortgage Industry.