One very common question we hear from enterprises interested in outsourcing their legacy fax infrastructure to a cloud service like the one from eFax Corporate is this: “It’ll be great to stop paying for all of our analog fax lines, but if we unplug all of our fax machines what happens if we need to send a paper fax?”

This is a typical scenario for businesses that have partners, vendors or customers that demand a “wet ink” signature by fax. For such transmissions, the sender might not be able to leverage the other methods of cloud faxing that we allow — such as faxing a digital copy of the document through a website or as an email fax. Often these businesses will actually need the ability to send the printed document, signed in ink, directly.

For these situations, our cloud-fax service includes a simple solution: You can send your fax directly “from the glass” of your multifunction printer — but transmit the fax via the MFP’s email function rather than over a phone connection. In other words, we let you turn your company’s multifunction printers into cloud-fax devices that — just like your computers, smartphones and other Internet-connected devices — can transmit your faxes via email.

This means you can cancel all of your analog fax lines — including any lines you’re currently paying to run to the MFPs in your office — but still maintain the ability to easily send (and receive) a paper fax through your eFax Corporate account whenever necessary.

Moreover, because we centralizes all your fax usage company wide, including any faxes sent or received using your MFPs, you can track, monitor and securely archive all MFP faxing across your business — which will be useful for record-keeping; budget or client billing purposes; for eDiscovery; or for regulatory compliance if your business is governed by federal data privacy laws such as HIPAA or GLBA.

Watch the brief MFP cloud faxing video below, and you’ll see how by deploying eFax Corporate your organization can enjoy the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to stop managing and paying for costly in-house fax infrastructure by outsourcing your entire fax process to the experts at eFax Corporate. At the same time, and without paying for additional hardware or software, you’ll always have the ability to send and receive paper faxes through email — by leveraging the MFPs you’ve already invested in to fax by email directly from the glass.

You can also learn more about cloud faxing with your existing multi-function printers by visiting the eFax Corporate MFP Fax Direct Feature page.

If you have questions or would like a custom quote for deploying an eFax Corporate solution across your organization, contact us anytime.

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