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Integrate Your Business Faxing with Your Networked MFPs

With the eFax Corporate MFP Fax Direct Feature, you can integrate your business’ fax infrastructure with the world’s #1 cloud fax service — and still maintain the ability to send and receive paper faxes when necessary. The best part: you can do this by leveraging hardware you’ve already invested in — your networked Multi-Function Printers.

Your company has already invested in Multi-Function Printers to reduce unnecessary hardware.
– millions of new MFPs are purchased each year. Now it’s time to take this smart streamlining strategy a step further, and extend the value of your MFPs, by integrating them with your existing business fax processes. With the eFax MFP Fax Direct Feature, your organization will enjoy both streamlined faxing through the cloud — which is as easy as sending email — and the ability to send or receive paper faxes when needed, right from the glass of your MFPs. This integration makes sending a fax as easy as 1-2-3! You’ll eliminate aging fax infrastructure, increase efficiency, and enhance security — all while creating a single, integrated solution for faxing.

With the MFP Fax Direct Feature, Your company will enjoy:


Added Convenience — your employees can fax directly from the MFP “glass” to frequently used fax numbers – leveraging your MFPs’ programmable hot buttons.(1)


Improved Security — eFax Corporate can enable TLS encryption for all of your faxes, enhancing security. You can also eliminate the security exposure of traditional faxing.


Enhanced Productivity — no more scanning documents to employees’ email, and no more walking to and from MFPs searching for confirmation receipts.


Reduced IT Headaches — sunset your existing fax infrastructure and eliminate maintenance and headaches associated with on-site fax infrastructure.

Using the MFP Fax Direct Feature is as easy as 1-2-3:



Scan the document
into your MFP.



Enter the fax number.
(Fax# @efaxsend.com)



Fax the document
from your MFP device.(1)


Go Green!

Our secure-faxing technology is 100% paperless and requires no additional software or dedicated IT resources.

How eFax MFP Fax Direct Integration Simplifies Your Faxing Processes


Because your MFP Fax Direct Feature integrates seamlessly into your eFax Corporate cloud fax platform, every fax you send or receive through your MFPs (or from any Internet-connected device) will also be automatically archived in the cloud, for easy retrieval, for the life of your eFax account. Every fax transmitted through your MFPs will also register in your fax usage reports, so you will always have an audit trail of fax activity.

Key Benefits

Cost Savings

Reduce the use of paper, extra fax lines and maintenance

Enhance Productivity

Share and store files conveniently online.

Security and Compliance

Protect your data and comply with privacy regulations.

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