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Establish an immediate connection with prospects by signaling that your business is part of their neighborhood: Use a local fax number from eFax Corporate®.

Local fax numbers can help your business:

  • Establish Camaraderie — Signal to prospects that your business is a part of their community.
  • Demonstrate Expertise — Signal that you have local knowledge your larger competitors don’t.
  • Expand Your Presence — Establish a virtual presence in new cities without opening offices.

If your business targets local customers or clients, one fast and easy way to demonstrate that your product or service is truly part of their community is by using business numbers with the local area code.

When you set up a cloud-fax service with eFax Corporate, your business can choose from either toll-free fax numbers (ideal if you want to project the image of a national company) or local fax numbers.

And because eFax Corporate has the largest online cloud faxing network infrastructure, with virtual fax numbers available across thousands of area codes, you can even select local fax numbers in cities where your company doesn’t have a physical presence.

Here’s why a local fax number might be the smart move for your business.

A Local Fax Number Can Help Your Business Quickly Establish Camaraderie with Prospects

Research reported in the Huffington Post* has found that today’s customers (including business customers) prefer to work with local companies — partly out of a sense of pride in supporting local business, and partly due to a sense that a neighborhood company will provide better service than a large national corporation.

With this in mind, if your company’s products or services are aimed at local customers, one easy way to establish this all-important local-company trust is by setting up local fax numbers that begin with your city’s area code.

A Local Fax Number Signals to Prospects That Your Team Possesses Unique Local Knowledge and Expertise

Let’s say you run a mid-sized real estate agency, or a transportation and logistics company — or some other type of business where your deep knowledge of the area is a strong selling point with customers.

When you give prospects your local fax number, that sends a clear message that your business is rooted in their community and that they will benefit from your understanding of the unique traits and quirks of the area — knowledge they simply won’t get from your large, out-of-area competitors.


A Local Fax Number is One of the Fastest and Most Affordable Ways to Expand into New Territories

Another powerful benefit of setting up local fax numbers for your eFax Corporate cloud faxing service is that these numbers will allow you to expand your company virtually — by establishing a local presence in cities where you haven’t actually opened a physical office.

If your company’s products or services could benefit customers in regions where your business isn’t physically operating, a local fax number is a great way to introduce your company to those customers — and signal to them that you are a local business they can trust (which you are, even if you’re not yet in their locality).


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