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by Carol Shim | Aug 15, 2019

eFax Corporate®, a brand of J2 Global Inc., a leading Internet information and services company, has launched eFax Router, a new enterprise-class product to simplify cloud fax integration. This product was previewed at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HiMSS) Annual Conference & Exhibition in February, 2019.

eFax Router is a configurable Windows application that allows the auto-download of faxes for one or multiple fax numbers over a secure internet connection. Many organizations, especially in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, legal, and financial services, use fax as a critical part of their daily information workflow. Benefits of the router interface include:

  • Intelligent, secure, HIPAA-compliant fax routing to customized storage directories.
  • Seamless integration into your business workflows and your corporate disaster recovery strategy.
  • Full integration into the eFax Enterprise API or for use as a stand-alone tool with API credentials.
  • Full logging capability with three types of logs: Audit, System, and Event logs.
  • Unparalleled flexibility:
    • ○Create as many user profiles as you need; each profile can use any of the fax handler definitions in any combination. Large user-bases can maintain multiple instances of the router to handle high-volume traffic needs. An included user import utility offers a simple way to mass import users rather than creating user records individually.
    • ○Install multiple instances of the router on different servers to create a scalable, fault-tolerant, high-traffic routing system; these instances can share a common set of configuration files stored on a shared network drive for easy change control management.
  • Stop and Start/Restart, and re-queue errored or incomplete jobs, directly in the eFax Router Admin app.


“We continue to demonstrate our commitment to our customers for whom cloud fax is an indispensable part of their workflows,” stated John Nebergall, SVP/General Manager for eFax. “eFax Router accomplishes this by helping organizations seamlessly integrate intelligent and timely routing into their existing document exchange process, with minimal human interaction and monitoring.”  

Jeffrey Sullivan, Chief Technology Officer commented, “J2 Global is committed to being the foremost technology innovator in the cloud fax industry. eFax Router is another example of our continued pursuit of innovation and excellence. We are excited to add this important new tool to our already solid family of cloud fax product offerings, and look forward to expanding its capabilities as it takes hold in the market space.”

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