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Questions about High-volume Faxing & Security Compliance?

Benefits of eFax Corporate®

As the cloud-based digital enterprise fax solution most trusted by businesses including nearly half of the Fortune 500 - eFax Corporate can significantly improve your enterprise fax infrastructure, including:

Boost Staff Productivity

by giving employees high volume fax capability via email, online or even mobile apps—eliminating time spent printing, scanning and waiting for a fax machine.

Get More From IT

by letting eFax Corporate manage technical issues, upgrades and training, so your team can focus on more important systems and applications.

Leverage Your Existing Databases

SAP-certified fax connector, eFax Corporate lets your staff fax directly from SAP apps and other databases.

Enhance Regulatory Compliance

eFax Corporate’s secure faxing and fax-storage protocols will help your enterprise increase compliance with HIPAA, SOX and other regulations.

Lower Fax Costs

moving your fax infrastructure from costly fax servers and fax machines to the eFax Corporate hosted, cloud-based fax solution can save your firm more than 50%.

The Right Online Fax Service for Your Large Business

Large businesses often fax thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of pages every day. With the costs of fax machines, dedicated fax phone lines, maintenance, paper, ink and other supplies — and in some cases expensive fax servers — faxing can be a significant cost to your organization..

The answer? Online faxing, with eFax Corporate.

If your business sends a high volume of online faxes, eFax Corporate is the simple and cost-effective alternative to your costly, paper-based faxing. Our fax to email service lets your staff send and receive faxes online, easily and securely, from anywhere. We eliminate your fax hardware, software, analog fax lines and other fax costs—and free up your IT resources to focus on more important technologies.


Nearly 50% of Fortune 500 Firms Use efax Corporate

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