White Papers: Internet Faxing for Businesses

The IT Managers Survival Guide to Migrating Your Fax to the Cloud

Outsource Your Fax Infrastructure to the Cloud (And come out looking like an IT Hero!) Relative to the many demands on today’s IT teams, spending capital, time and resources to maintain physical fax servers and infrastructure is not a high priority.

Secure Cloud Faxing for Regulated Industries

A Practical Guide to Cloud Service Migration for Finance, Legal, Health and Education - Secure Cloud Faxing for Regulated Industries from eFax Corporate.

Cloud Fax Changes the Game for Compliance

more companies are moving to and integrating a Cloud Fax Solution not only because of the increased savings, productivity and reliability, but also to enhance their fax compliance. Learn how in our latest White Paper.

Sending Cloud Faxes with SAP

Helping SAP Managers Find the Best Cloud Fax Solution and Provider. eFax Corporate SAP Connector 2.0 Helps Managers of SAP environments to take advantage of the migration to the cloud for fax communications.

The Top 10 HIPAA Compliance Fails

For healthcare providers, from a small physician practice to the largest hospitals, there are serious consequences a covered entity faces when it suffers a data breach and cybersecurity attack.

Why Fax over VoIP & SIP is Unreliable and How the Cloud Can Help

The extreme unreliability of Fax over IP (FoIP), frustrated IT managers are forced to roll back fax on to the old expensive and outdated telco lines that they had planned to disconnect. Cloud fax solves this.

Pro Tips for Vetting Cloud Vendors

As cloud computing becomes commonplace for many companies, understand and vetting which core business applications move to the cloud is a must - Find out how in our Whitepaper

Pro Tips for Moving to the Cloud

Is your company thinking about moving it's business processes and workflows to the cloud? Find out our pro tips and tricks for successfully and securely moving business applications to the cloud.

Digital Documents, Compliance and the Cloud

Electronic (or digital) documents have become a staple of today’s businesses. Simply put, a modern business cannot expect to function, unless it has a way to transmit and receive documents electronically.

Electronic Discovery – Why Lawyers are Searching for Answers

Recent amendments to the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure affect the discovery of electronically stored information. How will this affect your firm's faxing and other processes for electronic data transfer and storage?

How Internet Fax Service Works – and Why it Can Work for You

Cost, clutter and loss of productivity associated with traditional faxing are just a few of the problems facing companies that use a fax machine today. But thanks to new technology, receiving or sending a fax can be as easy as the click of a mouse.

Corporate Admin Tool Overview

Among the many other benefits of migrating your fax infrastructure to the fully hosted, cloud fax service from eFax Corporate, you will also enjoy complete administrative flexibility in the hierarchy of controls and privileges you create for users, teams, departments, and locations across your organization.


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