When IT managers and CIOs come to us looking to migrate their organizations’ high volume  faxing to the cloud, we find that although they know it’s possible to fax with no in-house fax infrastructure — sending and receiving faxes by email, through a web interface, or even via a mobile app — they often have difficulty envisioning what such a process would actually look like in their organization.

After all, most of these enterprises’ IT departments are still operating a 1980s-era fax infrastructure consisting of desktop fax machines, in-house fax servers, or a combination of both.  This traditional hardware¬-based infrastructure also requires traditional phone lines which can incur a significant monthly cost. In some cases fax machines have been replaced by multi-function printers, but the basic faxing process is the same.  So hidden from sight behind the facade of the MFP, employees continue to fax as they have for years.

Because they still think of faxing as a hardware-driven and analog communication protocol, many IT professionals aren’t sure how faxing can work seamlessly, and securely, over the Internet.

So these IT pros often start out by asking us some very basic questions about cloud faxing, such as:

“How exactly would our employees send a fax using email?”

Can we use our existing email program, or do we need to deploy a different platform?”

“Can our staff create custom fax cover pages?”

“Does your cloud fax solution require any software installation? And would we need to deploy and maintain this software on every device?”

“Does eFax Corporate convert the files before faxing? Into what formats?”

“Our company sends a lot of faxes overseas: How does that work with eFax?”

Which is why we’ve made the following basic video tutorial: How to Send a Fax by Email. In this short video — it’s less than one minute  — you will see step-by-step how to create a new outbound fax using your company’s standard email program, how to address the fax to your recipient, how to create a cover-page message if you choose, and how to send a fax internationally.

We hope this brief video will help to demystify the cloud fax process and give you a basic feel of how easy it is to deploy our fax by email solution across your company and how little ongoing maintenance will be required from your IT team to keep your new cloud fax infrastructure operational once it’s deployed.

After watching this video, you’ll also have a better sense of just how easy it will be for your staff to get up and running on this new fax-by-email system — and how easy it will be for you to onboard new employees. Cloud faxing with eFax Corporate is, after all, as easy as sending, or receiving, an email message.

If you have questions about how to deploy an eFax Corporate solution across your organization, or would like a custom quote, contact us anytime.