Most people would be shocked to discover that fax technology was invented way back in 1843, at a time when horses were still the preferred mode of travel.

Perhaps even more surprising is that Alexander Bain, the original inventor of the first facsimile machine, applied for his patent over a quarter century before the telephone was invented.

Yet what may be most astonishing to many, is that despite the many jokes and rumors about fax being dead, usage is actually increasing in the business sector every year. That’s because it remains one of the most secure forms of transmitting data.

 Say What? For Real? Can it be? No way….

Yes, it’s all true.

Most people know very little about the importance of fax machines to business communications, its history, or how it has evolved over the years to meet the needs of the times. And you might be surprised to learn how popular faxing remains around the world.

Today, we want to share this fascinating infographic that reveals the history of the fax machine, faxing, and it’s continuing evolution over the span of three centuries. If there is one takeaway, it’s that the history of fax is far from over.


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