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Welcome to the Healthcare Faxing & Content Resource Center. At eFax Corporate®, we think being resourceful is the best way to learn, so we’ve gathered a few links to help you navigate through all healthcare related content on our site. After all, complying with the hundreds of pages of dense legal language and determining whether you meet all of HIPAA’s guidelines and requirements can be overwhelming. By placing all related healthcare content here, we hope to simplify the process and help you better understand the laws and requirements that are expected of you.

Secure, HIPAA Compliant Workflow for Healthcare starts here…

The secure faxing service trusted by more Covered Entities and Business Associates than any other fax provider to transmit Protected Health Information (ePHI) securely.

Secure and encrypted HIPAA compliant faxing. BAA available.

Secure and encrypted HIPAA compliant faxing. BAA available.

Highly encrypted secure online faxing trusted by millions of businesses globally— including those whose secure document transmissions are federally regulated & compliance is a must.

The Fax API that Powers Your High-Volume Faxing.
Integrate Application Faxing Simply and Cost-Effectively Into Your Business's CRM or ERP systems.

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Healthcare providers, insurance companies and other covered entities trust eFax Corporate® to transmit their most sensitive documents.

Highly Encrypted Online Faxing for Enterprises — and the Top Choice of Heavily Regulated Businesses.


A Perspective on Navigating the Complexities Associated with Digital Document Transmission and Security for the Modern Enterprise



The Best Apps for Securing Your Message Communications & Data

The top ten questions and answers from the eFax Corporate Cybersecurity & HIPAA Compliance Webinar Series.

Misconceptions Companies Have About BYOD Compliance — and 10 Best Practices for Managing Mobile Devices in the Workplace

10 Best Practices for Protecting ePHI on BYOD

Digital Documents, Compliance, and Cloud Solutions

Fax Servers or Cloud Fax? A major investment and one can have serious drawbacks

#1 trusted solution for healthcare faxing.

HITECH Answers’s HIPAA Chat for March

Is a paradigm shift in the methods of protecting ePHI needed?

In the last few years, HIPAA’s regulators and auditors have become more aggressive in finding and penalizing instances in which Covered Entities and their Business Associates fail to protect the electronic protected health information (ePHI) in their care.

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