Integrating MFDs with Cloud Fax Services

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View Our Latest Webinar Integrating MFDs with Cloud Fax Services Corporate users may think that they don’t need fax within their organization because they simply scan a paper document with a networked multi-function device (MFD) and send it as an email attachment. There are certainly

Healthcare IT Pulse Survey Interview

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eFax Corporate Healthcare IT Pulse Survey Interview with Rick Stevens ST: This week I had the opportunity to interview Rick Stevens, director of enterprise marketing with eFax®.  eFax® has recently published the results of an enterprise healthcare survey. Rick, tell

The Marketing Spin Behind Hybrid Solutions

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Are Hybrids Just a Compromise Hybrid is among the favorite adjectives in the marketing world.  We all have positive connotations of hybrid—hybrid cars are good for the environment & give you the best of both worlds: The power of a gasoline engine with the economy of an electric

Fax Servers are Like Airplanes – 7 Question Self-Evaluation

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The 7 Question Self-Evaluation of Your Corporate Fax Profile… or How Fax Servers are Like Airplanes Companies looking to trim IT budgets and improve services to internal customers need to understand how the different departments and locations use their services.  Faxing is a great

Healthcare IT Pulse Infographic & Survey Results

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Securing Protected Health Information on Distributed Documents Under the Affordable Care Act, health care providers have been incented to review their document management and transmission procedures to determine if they are compliant. Our recent Healthcare IT Pulse Survey uncovered several

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